Whelp, we're movin'

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Whelp, we're movin'

Postby Cleon » Tue, 05 Feb 2008 22:44 -06

Last week, I was offered a job by my competitor company way beyond anything I can refuse.

As a result, I will be relocating to Mobile, Alabama, to take up a rare District Manager position. I am working out of the office here now; and Arlyn, Hephzibah, and I are staying in a hotel while I take things over. It's not easy getting situated in this city--it's widespread and chaotic, but we'll surely do fine.

There is lots of opportunity here and room for massive business development.

We'll be busy over the next few weeks as we look for a home and get moved down here.

If anyone lives near here, give me a shout out--we could meet up.
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Re: Whelp, we're movin'

Postby Sicyn » Wed, 06 Feb 2008 22:52 -06

The only problem is you live in Alabama, other than that it sounds great! ;) lol, I'm just kidding...I don't know anything about Alabama.

Congrats on your new position! Are you doing the pharmacist thang or am I confusing you with someone else?

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Re: Whelp, we're movin'

Postby Slythorn » Thu, 07 Feb 2008 18:59 -06

Wow congrats bud very proud indeed. Hehe maybe you can hook me up with one of your minions positions I'm willing to relocate :twisted: Hope all goes well and tell little Heph and Jermiah that I miss talking and hearing them :D Glad you got Arlyn with you and wish ya'll the best of luck 8-)

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Re: Whelp, we're movin'

Postby Adaar » Fri, 08 Feb 2008 16:03 -06

Congrats on the move. Too bad we never got to meet each other. Good luck in Mobile. BTW isn't that were Ashrets from?
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Re: Whelp, we're movin'

Postby Denauticus » Fri, 02 May 2008 09:41 -06

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Mobile, Alabama,

I think Forest Gump lives round there. Congrats on your new position, relocating can always be fun, new things to see and experience.
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