Denauticus Explained

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Denauticus Explained

Postby Denauticus » Wed, 17 Sep 2008 10:17 -06

Denauticus Explained: Yes, sounds like some type of evil experiment.

So for many years I have participated in the MMO worlds, starting when Everquest launched. Thinking back now that seems like it was probably the year 1741. :) In todays world MMO's have come quite a long way and I figured I would throw out some details on how Denauticus came about and some funny details.

Back in the old EQ days some friends of mine told me about the game and I went out and got it. Low and behold Denauticus the half elf ranger was born. Now through many adventures these six friends and I made our way through the ranks of EQ. One pivotal moment was in the Gorge "Yes where the big evil eye was" and I achieved rank 20 in which you get to select a sir name. After going back and forth joking with my friends and stuff we couldn't come up with anything that rhymes with Denauticus except for...... "Denauticus Eroticus". LOL > we laughed at it and I selected it. Believe it or not I seasoned to the level of 47 before some GM came by and busted me for the last name and made me change it. Damn angry GM's!

A few months after that is really when my MMO interest took off. I started DAoC at the inception of the game, beta, etc. and continued on for nearly 3.5 years. Not a bad run I might add. My guild career started on Percival in a guild called Imperial Knights which some of you old timers might remember. This is the guild I learned to RVR (PVP) with and so on. Later in the game the guild moved on as did I to the another guild called Guardian Angels where I met Sicyn, Azro and some others suspect characters. Trust me! We were no angels. That guild lasted a year or so and I bounced around to and from some newby guilds and finally landed in a respectable place called Kindred of Valiance.

After a few months the release of Warcraft was nearing and most of the people I knew in KOV where staying on Percival and some others moved on. I joined a decent guild after the launch of WoW and eventually jumped to Horde where I stayed and after quite some time lost my interest in WoW and quit.

Then one bright morning this guy some of you know as "Sicyn" sends me a Yahoo message to rejoin the DK boards here. Since then I have been glad to be back here and in contact with some old names and faces as well as some of the new friends I am glad joined the guild. I look forward to seeing all of you in the frontiers of WarHammer. Until then my friends, safe hunting.
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Re: Denauticus Explained

Postby Lynnx Holyfield » Wed, 17 Sep 2008 14:14 -06

You will forever be... Denauticus Eroticus.. *giggles*
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