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Postby Fuga » Sat, 27 Sep 2008 02:43 -06

Hello fellow kindred!

I'm Fuga, some of you may know me from DAOC Percival, where I also went under the names of Grarl, Sonun and many more. Altaholic supreme. Recently in DAOC, I've been playing the Classic cluster on the Midgard side.

I've joined the guild today, with my fellow guildmates from Despoilers (Darenenski, Latt, Frontos, Raelith, Daeth, Veronique (my girlfriend) and more). We realized our own guild was too small, and so when Latt got in talks with Cleon and we found out there were a lot of old friends from Percival, we just had to join!

Looking forward to grouping and such with you all in-game :)

Grarl Swiftblades / Fuga Buga / Sonun Psygnosis / Fanatiker / Skod / Helder / Fuega / Fuego / Fap
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Re: Greets!

Postby Kestrel_Trebor » Wed, 01 Oct 2008 07:28 -06

Heya Grarl ;)
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