Hello there mates!

This is the place to let us know who you are and what you're all about. If you're an old-timer, feel free to catch us up on what's been going on in your life, gaming or otherwise.
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Hello there mates!

Postby Tyriran » Mon, 06 Oct 2008 10:27 -06

Hello all and well met! I'm Josh, the man behind Tyriran, currently a brutality marauder. Thought I'd come by here and give some brief history. Although a lil more detail than what is on my app. ;)

I've always been interested in fantasy RPGs. It all started with PnP D&D, then slowly drifted into MUDs on BBS's... My first MMO was EQ which I played in a small family guild named "United Champions of Norrath" on Lanys T'vyl (I think that's how it was spelled... long time ago). We never did much raiding in EQ, I think the most we raided was into Plane of knowledge! (Just kidding... ;) Plane of Storms I think it was.) Back then it was mainly just me and my brother, two guys working 3rd shift and staying up until the sun came up just doing ridiculous stuff for laughs. Ah, those were fun days.

Anyway, I actually landed the job I work at now by meeting my boss in EQ. Actually, I met his wife first and when she was staying up late at night over Christmas break she was keeping him up from laughing so hard at to hilarious brothers.

Moved up to St Louis, and a couple months later started playing SWG. Played that for awhile, grinded out 18 professions and still not getting jedi before they changed it to the quest based system. (One of my brothers got it in 13 professions!!! /grr) Did about 75% of the quests before they did the 2nd combat revamp (you know the one that ported it over to consoles) and moved on to World of Warcraft.

In WoW I was the GM of Guardians of Eternity on WW. After trying to break the mold of a family guild and into a casual raiding guild a handful of times I finally decided to pass the mantle and move on to a casual raiding guild. (Relic of WW) Which they started breaking into BWL as BC came out. We took the server xfer over to ZM and while there we merged with another guild and that's when I met Oponn, Dabashin, Vallish and Lorelei. That's when we started *not* destroying guilds. (J/K, couldn't help it.) WoW's now starting to get old, our current guild is no longer raiding until WotLK and our last standings was posted by Oponn already. I only made it to one BWL raid cause of RL.

So here we are in WAR. I'm loving it, good change of pace, nice pvp going... about to break into tier 3 within the next couple days. Hope to meet and play with some of the DK members that give DK it's great reputation!

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