Tips of the trade for Chosen

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Tips of the trade for Chosen

Postby Brok » Wed, 05 Nov 2008 11:34 -06

* If you use the taunt on an enemy player, it will up your dps by 30% for 3 swings. This is really really great at bringing BWs down fast, just taunt em as you charge in at them (or for finishing healers, save it for when they are 50% or less).

* I found the quake followed by a lava punt really fun in TA

* place guard on some squishy front line DPSer instead of a healer who is in the back, Chosen are for the front lines

* if you use the tactic that makes the healer take damage when they heal anyone with seeping wounds, definitely get it on as many enemy as possible. It will cause quite a bit of damage to their healers.

* Our 3rd AOE 50% enemy damage debuff morale ability can really break a deadlock toe-to-toe fight. Use it you will wisely.
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