GUILD RANKS - Warhammer Only

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GUILD RANKS - Warhammer Only

Postby Cleon » Tue, 14 Oct 2008 10:03 -06

I will be taking some time when I can to update all of the ranks accordingly with full descriptions and functions. Many are described in the WANTED post I made, and some of this information will soon overlap.

Also, some ranks have been re-evaluated and will be changed soon in game to reflect the decisions.

Nonetheless, I am going to at least get this thread started for information purposes meanwhile.

*Standard Members (300 maximum)*

((Standard member ranks are based upon acquired level of their character, and determine ultimately what Tier of gameplay they are in.))

Pitchy Peasant - Level 1-21 (Tier 1 and 2)

Shady Squire - Level 22-31 (Tier 3)

Gloomy Guardian - Level 32-39 (Tier 4)

Cryptic Champion - Level 40 (Maximum Level)

*Function Leaders (8 total)*

((Function leader ranks are members partaking in a stronger guild role, and providing a functional service to the guild.))

Dark Knight

*RvR Lead (2)*
*Raid Lead (2)*
*Quest Lead (2)*
*Craft Lead (2)*

*Class Leaders (20 total)*

((Class leader ranks are members partaking in a stronger guild role, and providing an informative service to the guild.))

Midnight Noble

*Desctruction Class Lead (2 each class)*

*Recruiters (10 total-not counting officer alts)*

((Recruiter ranks are members partaking in a stronger guild role, and providing a developmental support to the guild. Also a rank for which Officer alternates are set to.))

Dusky Diplomat

*Recruiting Diplomat (10)*

*Standard Bearer (1 total)*

((A stand-alone rank for a member partaking in a stronger guild role, and providing supportive RvR bonus to the guild.))

Sinister Tactician

*Standard Bearer (1)*


((Officer ranks are members partaking in the strongest guild role, and providing an operative and authoritative service to the guild. Assists the guild master in leading the Dark Kindred forward.))

Grim Regent (8 total)

*Function Officer (1)*
*Class Officer (1)*
*Recruiting Officer (1)*
*Events Officer (1)*
*General Officer* (4)

*Guild Leader*

((Guild leader serves as the supreme authoritative rule over all guild precepts and structures.))

Secret Servant

*Cleon (1 and only)*

Individuals interested in participating in greater ranks should apply HERE.
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