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Postby Adaar » Wed, 04 Jan 2012 17:09 -06
I usually dont like Asian MMO's but this doesn't look like the usually Asian MMO. This might be the closest we get to DAoC2 anytime soon. Its being released in Korea first, I have no ETA for US. 2 Fractions, 4 Races, 10 Abilities, Dungeons, Build Castles, Build Cities, Found Countries, Siege Warfare, Mounts, Mount Combat, Naval Combat, Build Ships, Labor System (Includes your Crafting), Build your Home (in the world and not in a housing zone), Carriages (daoc's horse taxi system), Airships, Prisons, Courts, Under and Over Achiever system (quest are long, but you can turn them in after half way through, or continue for a better bonus), PvP Battlegrounds, End Game PvE. - Official Teaser Trailer by XLGames - Building a Ship, Naval Combat - Abilities (you'll be able to use 3 of the 10 to make/form a class.) - Explore the World (fly through)

Post more once I have somemore time to look stuff up.
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