Chivalry Medieval Warfare

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Chivalry Medieval Warfare

Postby Adaar » Wed, 28 Nov 2012 10:51 -06

Not really an MMO, more like a Multiplayer. Its Counter Strike with swords basically. You choose your weapons and class at the beginning of matches (or after you die, can switch on the fly). There is no dice rolling behind the scenes, you swing and that enemy is not infront of you or where you blade swings, you miss. There is range for the sharp shooters, Bows, X Bows, Javilns, even armored knight classes can get daggers/axes to throw. Its Gory, you can chop off limbs and heads. The level system is tied to the weapon you use, use the 2 handed battle axe alot, you'll unlock better 2 hand axes. There are different mode types, standard team death match, hold points, capture the flag, and even siege (haven't tried the siege yet). There is no story or solo campaign, its all Mulltiplayer.

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