Jan 8th 2006 Albion Gareth Duel Videos

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Jan 8th 2006 Albion Gareth Duel Videos

Postby Adaar » Mon, 14 Feb 2011 14:08 -06

Took me some time to get the right programs to edit it to get it onto youtube, but I did it. This is the Albion Gareth (classic server) Melee Duel Tournament. I got 2nd place with my Inconnu Reaver, also sporting the KoV guild name and emblem on shield. There is another guild with the same emblem with a different coloring in the tournament also. Yates and Sicyn were there, you can see Sicyn in a doorway through most of the video. I did not make this video, just putting it onto youtube cause it wasn't. Enjoy:

Sneak Peek vid (guy made this a couple weeks before tournament to hype it):

Tournament pt 1:

Tournament pt 2:
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