Dark Kindred (inactive toons) clean up

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Dark Kindred (inactive toons) clean up

Postby Denauticus » Sun, 30 Nov 2008 12:35 -06

Dark Kindred members,

For the many of you that have joined Dark Kindred in War Hammer online we thank you. Since the the launch of the game the guild has grown to nearly 300 players many of which are alts, name savers or just test toons. Since the launch of the game War Hammer has captured the attention of many but not everyone. Some of you have canceled your accounts, taken AFK's or been away for an extended period of time. Over the next 2-3 days the officers of Kindred will be emailing your in game character informing them they are being removed from the guild due to being inactive. Today, we removed nearly 50 inactive toons, mostly below level 10 that have not played or logged in for more then 40+ days.

Please understand you are not being kicked from the guild. Mythic has made it so inactive characters are a detriment to the leveling progress of the guild. If you decide to return you will be welcomed, just contact an officer in game for an invite. If your account was removed by mistake you have my apologies in advance.
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