T3 RvR Questing Armor Set - Stalker

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T3 RvR Questing Armor Set - Stalker

Postby Kestrel_Trebor » Wed, 10 Dec 2008 14:33 -06

Taken From:

http://www.massively.com/photos/massive ... e/1116511/

***For Destro, you can only get 3 pieces of this set until 1.1 apparently. Thus, the Devastator set may be better for T3, especially since they made gold loot bag drops more frequent.***

The Stalker's gloves

We are going to be covering the pieces of the Stalker's set in order of the level that they can be worn. As for quest availability, most of the quests are available by about level 22-23 for Order, with the exception of the last one for the chestpiece. We've heard that this may vary slightly for Destruction, but everything should be available by 27.

For Destruction players, the gloves quest is called "A Servant's Duel", and comes from Asille Nightreach in Avelorn. The task in this case is to off 20 Archmages. When you've completed the first stage of either of the quests, it's time to switch to PvE for a Hero mob!
For Destruction, the Hero mob is Kasildir Morningbreeze, another level 25, found in the middle of Avelorn. After killing your Hero and handing in the quest, you will have yourself the Stalker's gloves! Next up, we'll look at one of the most important pieces of clothing for a Stalker -- the sneaky boots.

The Stalker's boots

The Destruction boots quest is called "We's Gettin' Shot Up", and is obtained from Kruggog in Black Fire Pass. To stop Kruggog and pals from getting shot up, you need to destroy 20 Engineers. When you're done with the pee-vee-pees, come back to the starter NPCs to get their Hero lead-ons.

For Destruction, Kruggog sends you to kill Flinty Copperlock, a level 27 Dwarf Hero that has been laying dangerous mines as opposed to shooting. Still a no-no, and he has to go. If you take out the Heroes for these quests, you get your Stalker's boots! Next up, shoulders.

The Stalker's shoulders

Destruction players can see Hallbjorn Frent in Talabecland to pick up "Fighting Fire with Fire". This quest will reward you for doing what you were going to do already. That's right, Public Enemy Number 1 is on the menu. 20 Bright Wizards. Okgo.

The Destruction Hero mob is a Bright Wizard named Felix Magnus, and he is found in Talabecland. He has some AoE spells in his arsenal to be wary of, but nothing a decent healer can't handle. Completing these quest lines will net you the Stalker's shoulders, leaving just one piece in the set -- the chestpiece. This is the one that is currently unavailable to Destruction. We will make sure to update our guide when this is fixed, as we recently did for the Tracker's set guide.

The Stalker's chestpiece

According to these sources, it’s not available:

http://vnboards.ign.com/warhammer_onlin ... 250270/p1/
http://www.warhammeralliance.com/forums ... p?t=197908

It also doesn’t show up in wardb.com, so I think that’s correct – the chest piece is not in for Destruction.
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