How to efficiently level Cultivation and some other tips

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How to efficiently level Cultivation and some other tips

Postby Brok » Mon, 15 Dec 2008 05:26 -06

The following is a list of tips for leveling Apothecary:

* You can get to 50 with just the vendor stuff. Annoying from 45 to 50 but since the mats are cheap and readily available, just pop seeds in while questing/RvRing.

* At each tier there is some NPC (think is always a goblin) that roams around. If you do his quest you'll get a lvl 50/100/150 seed (depending on the tier). This seed is special since it will always return to you except on a critical failure. These can often be found on the AH as well, though I forget names of them off-hand. [note: I read that these quests may have been removed...]

* With good water (nutrients and soil as well, but much harder to get off the AH) you can turn some seeds into 'super seeds' on a critical success. The new seeds are like the quest seeds in that they take longer to grow but often return to you. With just water at their level these seeds will almost always return. Water is pretty cheap on the AH so I always use it now (well, for seeds 100+).

* Critical successes also produce dye ingredients (think only way to get em) and sometimes mats for apothecary. It seems each level produces 1 dye type, though not 100% sure on that. And unique fixers, no idea where those come from. But from level 150 seeds I got Red Fire Ant extract that with vendor materials made Red Gore Dye. From lvl 125 seeds I got Blue Bottle Fly extract (I think).

* Goldweed of any level will make plants that can be used in apothecary like apothecary water. THIS IS REALLY GOOD. So Always use water and hopefully something else (soil/nutrients) when growing these. By using top-end water and nutrients I was able to make roughly 40 150 stabilizing plants and around 20 175 stabilizers from 4 level 150 Goldweed seeds with 2 of the seeds leftover. Look for em on the AH, can often find some cheap.

* I personally find cultivation a pain but good to do while waiting to do something. And once you are 150+ in skill you can pound out 20 whatever in no-time (using water/soil/nutrients of course).
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