Where we play.

Venture into the realm of warfare amongst legacy kingdoms or in futuristic space. Help us bring the enemy forces trembling down to their knees in some of the most epic strategical battles in existance.
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Where we play.

Postby Cleon » Sat, 11 Jan 2014 09:03 -06

Kindred is currently playing Dragon Lords and Xeno Wars. This is a FREE app you can get on your phones and devices with internet capability.

Our current realms of activity are:

SunSpear - Kindred of Valour
DreadSteed - Vikings of Valor
DarkTide - Dark Kindred
BurningBlade - Warmongers & Dark Elves Unite
Uroboros (Resets every 90 days) - Current: Black Kindred. (Past: Dark Kindred; Kindred Immortals.)

(Xeno Wars)
Solar Wind - Dark Kindred

This is a very fun game, and quite addictive.

Those of you wishing to seek out one of the best strategy games ever, look right here.

We are hoping other Kindredites will emerge from the shadows and join with us on this amazing adventure.

Contact me any time you want more information. stibnites@gmail.com
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