Are there any normal guys here?

Got something to talk about that has nothing to do with gaming or the guild--this is the place to be!
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Re: Are there any normal guys here?

Post by seyla1 »

lol this bot account made me get a notification. damn it's been a while!

playing the phoenix server on alb. Usually on Sey, hit me up if any of you play!
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Re: Are there any normal guys here?

Post by Sicyn »

I can't believe this post is real...but I don't want to block someone who's legit (They knew Cleon's name). So, we'll just say as the moderator, let's not post pics or dating profiles for good measure.
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Re: Are there any normal guys here?

Post by Cleon »

Nah, dont know him. Just a bot.

Not on our WoW team and not in either of my guilds on Asherons Call or Dark Age of Camelot.

Seyla, you still playing? Dont make me log in there and have you PL me. :P
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