WoW Classic - Deviate Delight - Alliance

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WoW Classic - Deviate Delight - Alliance

Post by Cleon »

Well, it is here folks.

If you're playing, then join the Kindred of Valiance on Deviate Delight (RPPVP), Alliance!

Would love to get some of you back into the mix and enjoy that old content once again like we did back in the day.

You can reserve up to three names right now.

My mains are currently Diamond, Emerald, Cleon and Ealdor.

***Made a correction. We were going to Grobbulus - Horde. There is a Kindred already there. That is NOT us (even though I do have a shaman inside). We chose to play Deviate Delight to avoid queues.***
We are Kindred of Valiance

World of Warcraft

[ Deviate Delight Server CLASSIC]—[A
CTIVE]—[ Alliance Realm ]
(Diamond - Warrior) (Emerald - Hunter) (Lejes - Rogue) (Cleon - Priest) (Ealdor - Warlock) (Dovii - Druid) (Castle - Paladin) (Stibnite - Mage)

[ Illidan Server BFA]—[A
CTIVE]—[ Horde Realm ]
(Stibnite - Mage) (Valsu - Shaman) (Lèjés - Demon Hunter) (Cleonae - Hunter) (Cleon - Priest) (Machairo - Warrior)
(Festae - Death Knight) (Sapote - Druid) (Castle - Paladin) (Erìk - Monk) (Progressive - Rogue) (Ealdor - Warlock)
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