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Postby Leonthor » Sun, 03 Aug 2014 00:15 -06

I realize this game is only being released for consoles, but hear me out.

After playing through the beta on my PS3 I loved the game so much, I've made the commitment to purchase a limited PS4 Glacier White Edition, that comes with a copy of Destiny & a matching white controller, for only $50 more than a standard model.

I played the game for all but the first couple of days during the playstation beta, which lasted almost 2 weeks. During that time the game worked very well, with no major lag or operational bugs that I noticed. There looks to be some sort of crafting available, though I didn't get to delve into more than gathering some materials while exploring as well as salvaging several drops that I didn't want to keep. All 3 available classes play well and even with the beta limited to level 8, it gave you a chance to see how the skills tree will work. The skills can be changed on the fly during play (not sure if you can change them while in active combat, but I think you could), if you find one option better than another in certain combat situations. Some skills get enhanced as you unlock that branch further, others give options to choose between, which alter the way a skill works or your stat allocation. It is a Sci-fi shooter RPG, with all classes allowed to have 3 weapons equipped after you unlock the 3rd by completing the 4th story line quest. Primary weapons are simple varieties of assault rifles or pistols, with varying rates of fire, recoil, range & damage, using white ammo pickups. Secondary weapons give you 3 significantly varied options, shotgun, sniper rifle & pulse rifle, using green ammo pickups. Heavy weapons are what you'd expect and the only 2 options I saw during my playtime were rocket launchers or rail gun/heavy machine gun, these use purple ammo pickups which don't drop very often. The system during beta allowed you the option to use your inventory to change out the selected weapon in each slot pretty much anytime, but with the penalty of losing all your ammo for that weapon slot until pick up more of the proper color ammo boxes. The in-game mechanic being that your "ghost" (sort of personal digital guide) converts the raw ammo boxes to match the gun for that slot when picked up, so changing weapons means new ammo matching this gun must be made.

Secondary weapons all have much smaller magazine sizes than the scout/assault rifles for the primary slot, but pack a much stronger punch per shot also. I found the Pulse Rifles to be very useful when killing mid-sized mobs like Captains & Knights, which have shields, heavier armor & more health than the rest. They do have a slight delay where you have to hold the trigger down before it fires a burst of 5-6 energy bolts per charge from the clip.
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Re: Destiny!

Postby Adaar » Sun, 14 Dec 2014 08:13 -06

I guess I caught this alittle late :( I played like 1 night during the beta, then a couple months after it launched. Although I am currently not playing it. Got a 27 Warlock. The game just got too repeatitive, I also never did the raid. I had high hopes for this one, but with only teams of 3 or 6 (raid) it just didn't have that "MMO" feel I was hoping for. And it was also hard to find people to do the non matchmaking stuff, I only have 1 friend who plays Destiny, so I never did none of the "fun" stuff. I love the Iron Banner though.

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PS. And yes this game was the reason I bought a PS4.
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